Since 1991 we have designed and written over 600 Management Systems which comply with quality, safety, environment, food safety, IT and medical device standards; and, industry and legal requirements.  We are specialists in plain-English procedure writing; intranet and business SiteMap design; compliance with Standards and business statutory and legal requirements; risk management; system maintenance training and internal auditing.



We write plain-English Operations manuals, procedures and forms. An operations manual is a tool kit for replicating your knowledge of your business. It is a training tool, to ensure that your staff can work efficiently and profitably.  A good operations manual is simple, modular, easy to read, and easy to update, and will grow with your business

  • invests in knowledge management and business sustainability
  • is essential to managing your risk.


A SiteMap uses standard MS Office software.  No other specialist software or programs are required.  It is compatible with SharePoint and Cloud use.

It works as a local intranet or internal web site, and allows staff to instantly click, find and use information, procedures and forms used in your business. It can be formatted by you, to include your choice of layout, photographs, icons, etc. It is intuitive and user friendly.